How to do a Cover Reveal

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Everyone has heard the cliché “Don’t choose a book by its cover.” But we all still do that to an extent, don’t we? People do judge a book by its cover. Most people let their opinions of a cover at least subconsciously shadow their perception of a book.

Looks matter. Thus, the cover matters.

When working with a publisher, you will not have to worry about the cover being bad or poorly designed. Since one of a publisher’s main goals is to sell books, they will create an aesthetically pleasing cover to do just that, while also invoking the tone and feel of the text.

But now that we know that covers do matter and people do care what they look like and you will most likely have a beautiful cover, how do we generate the buzz about the front of the book and more importantly the book as a whole?

A cover reveal will do the trick.

If your publisher has not reached out to you about a cover reveal, that’s okay. Let them know you are interested. They can help you figure out the type of cover reveal that will be best for your book. There are multiple types of cover reveals. Author website, Twitter, Tumblr, email newsletter, blogs are some of the most popular platforms to host a reveal. Or you can ask your publisher to host the reveal on one of their platforms, like website or email newsletter.

You want to think about where you will have the largest audience and the greatest impact, which is why two of the most popular reveal types include social media and blogging reveals. If you choose an outside hoster, like a blogger, you must set up clear guidelines (i.e. How long will the post be featured? Will the blog have the exclusive on the cover?)

Try to only pick one outlet to have the reveal. For example, have a prominent blogger host the reveal. Then you can promote the reveal by posting a link across all of your author channels, like a website or Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to also link or attach a high-resolution version of the final image of the cover once it is live. Do not publish old versions of the cover.

Make sure to keep your publisher in the loop of your cover reveal. That way they can make sure the online retailer’s information is correct and make it possible for readers to preorder the book once you reveal the cover. The publisher can also help you determine the best timing for a cover reveal within your book scope of other marketing or publicity initiatives.

You can also coordinate the timing with other events if necessary or if you’d like to boost readers and followers. The cover reveal could potentially coordinate with a newsletter launch a Reddit AMA or a Podcast to boost interest.

Once you and your team have agreed on the details and information surrounding your reveal, start promoting it across all social media, website and blogging platforms.

Simply, announce that you will be doing a cover reveal and make sure to treat it as the major event that it is. In an age where graphics and images are as important as event, readers will want the first glance at the cover for hints on the characters and tone. Show how excited you are to have your book coming out soon, and tell fans where the reveal will take place. You can count down to the event or teasing hints about the cover on social media. Make sure to respond to questions, comments, and other social media comments online.

Cover reveals are like taking pictures. When you take a picture of someone they know, everyone wants to see it. Covers are very similar. Fans and readers often fall in love with characters—even if they don’t know it yet. They will want to see a tangible vision of the book. Celebrate your accomplishment and excite with a cover reveal.


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