I look forward to publishing again with them.

It was so nice to feel so supported through my debut novel. There are so many steps to publishing and so many more after to market it, that I would have been so lost without their help, guidance, and patience with my questions. I loved being part of the process every step of the way with professionals making sure each step went smoothly, was explained in detail, and could be done in a timely manner as part of my daily life. I look forward to publishing again with them.

Emily K. Bray

Constructive and thoughtful feedback

From the first conversation about our contract, to the details of the cover design, to constructive (and thoughtful) editorial feedback, I have found Torchflame Books to be open and candid, yet sensitive and willing to listen to my suggestions.
In every sense this has been a collaboration, and it’s exactly what I need to improve my craft.

Dave Edlund

A Small Press with a Big Heart

Torchflame Books is a small press with a big heart. This team cares about their authors from the time of acceptance and professional development through marketing and encouragement all along the way. A stand-out in the world of publishing.

Nancy Nau Sullivan

Quality to be proud of

What I find so impressive about Torchflame Books is they are not a book publishing mill, churning out novels and inundating an over-saturated industry with mediocre work.
Their main concern is with quality and producing a book that they are proud to stamp with their name.

Stephen Martino

I’d choose Torchflame Books over the “big guy” any day

Torchflame Books understands my work and style. More so, and this may sound tiny, but the quality of the paper and cover of the final book are outstanding. Their cover designs are outstanding. Too many smaller publishers skimp on card stock and paper and then the books look cheesy. Additionally, I really appreciate how accessible the team is. I’ve been published by the big houses, Simon and Schuster to Random House, and I’d choose Torchflame Books over the “big guy” any day for all the TLC.

Eva Shaw

Supportive collaboration

Working and collaborating with Torchflame Books has been a truly rewarding experience for me as an author. They have been honest, knowledgeable, and supportive…
Not only did they make my dream come true, but they believed in me and invested in me…

Brad A. LaMar

They saw something others didn’t

When I first received my publishing offer with Torchflame Books, it was clear that my writing style and subject matter weren’t what they had been used to placing their label on in the past. But they saw something others didn’t and took a chance on a first-time author. The owners and staff have since become some of the biggest fans of Paul Dodge! The support I feel when I have questions and the encouragement I receive are second to none. If you want a publisher that only cares about money, find someone else. If you want to be part of a family, give Torchflame Books a look. It was the best decision I ever made.

Christopher Flory

Torchflame Books expertly guided me through every step of the publishing process

Murder on Hollywood Beach is my first novel. Torchflame Books expertly guided me through every step of the publishing process — from editing, cover design to book launch. Its marketing director, who is an expert in social media and all aspects of marketing its products, was always available to give me tips and to point me in the right direction. Torchflame Books made the publishing process feel effortless. My book cover design received accolades from books store managers, librarians and especially my readers. Torchflame was a wonderful partner in publishing and selling my books.

Carol Finizza

Editorial excellence

What a delight it has been to work with my editor… For years this book has been all mine, and I worried about letting someone in.
My editor has shown great respect for the work I’ve done as she has shown me dozens of ways to improve it.”

Carl Nordgen

Professional and prompt

My experience with Torchflame Books has been nothing but positive.
From beginning to end they have been professional and prompt… and the product is excellent.

Wright Doyle

A pleasure to work with

The entire staff, from editors to marketing, are industrious and creative.

Deborah Hining

Encouraging and helpful staff

Everyone on the staff has been great to work with. Very encouraging and helpful. Their suggestions concerning how to make the final product better were spot on. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.

Rip Cunningham

Heartily recommended

I have greatly enjoyed my publishing relationship with Torchflame Books. They have been down-to-earth, rational, understanding, and supportive, from Day One. Torchflame helps authors create very attractive books. I recommend them heartily to new and established writers.


Brent Willock