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We provide a Hybrid Publishing model.  Our publishing standards, process, quality of the books, and their availability to retailers are the same as you would expect from a traditional contract. The main difference lies in roles, responsibilities, and the revenue model.

Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing is a popular option for emerging authors because it ensures a quality book and provides experience, exposure, and marketing for selected manuscripts. It is a collaborative effort between Torchflame Books and the author, sharing skills, effort, and cost.

Hybrid publishing is like traditional publishing in all respects, except that authors share in the cost of publishing their book, as opposed to the publisher financing all costs. In exchange, much higher-than-industry-standard royalties of 60% to 75% are paid to the author.

Hybrid publishing is ideal for emerging authors of well-written manuscripts who do not yet have the experience or the sales base required for traditional publishing. Hybrid publishing is especially attractive financially for authors who participate in events where they will sell their books directly to readers. Hybrid publishing also makes it possible to publish meaningful books on niche topics which may not be initial blockbusters but will sell well over a longer period of time.

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