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No matter where you’re at in your online marketing, we’re here to help you represent yourself in the most effective and most helpful ways possible. This is a master list of all our resources for online marketing. We’ve covered everything from author websites and social media to email newsletters and blogs. This list will be constantly growing, so check back soon for more resources!

Whether you’re brand new to internet marketing or you’re making sure you’ve covered all your bases, this list will help you navigate the free resources we’ve provided over the years.

General Online Marketing

10 Steps to a Successful Book Launch

How to Answer “What’s Your Book About?” and Other Terrifying Questions

The Virtue of Blog Tours

The Importance of Starting Early in Book Promotion

How to Do a Cover Reveal

Online Marketing for Busy Authors

How to Build an Author Platform Without a Book (or in your off season)

5 Publicity Opportunities to Help your Book Launch

Questions to Ask When Book Sales are Slow

Social Media

Social Media Series: Facebook

Social Media Series: Instagram

Social Media Series: Twitter

Social Media Series: Reddit

Social Media Series: Goodreads

How to Use TikTok as an Author

How to Use Pinterest as an Author

15+ Facebook and Twitter Content Ideas for Authors

Creating Content for Social Media

6 Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Authors

10 Things All Authors Need to Know About Amazon

Author Websites

8 Things to Do with your Author Website to Sell More Books

What to Put on your Author Website

What to Prepare Before You Create Your Author Website


Should you Blog as an Author?

Email Newsletter

5 Email Marketing Tips for New Authors

How to Create an Author Newsletter

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