Author Publishing

Author publishing provides emerging and creative authors with the resources required to produce a high-quality, professional book published and marketed under the author’s brand or label.

Modern print on demand (POD) books and electronic ebooks are used by a large number of highly successful entrepreneurial independent authors. Under the model of Author-Publisher, an author assumes the role and responsibilities of the publisher. We assist in this process by using our experience, tools, and resources to ensure the final book meets all industry standards and the author is given every opportunity to succeed.

Authors who publish books under their own labels earn 100% of the royalties from sales, retain all rights to their books, and remain independent.

Torchflame Author Publishing includes:

  • Professional proofreading
  • Three versions of your book: hardcover, paperback, and eBook
  • A professional design and layout for your book using the IBPA publishing standards
  • A visually appealing cover that will engage potential readers
  • A Digitial Review Copy (DRC) to be used for reviews and other promotional purposes
  • 20 paperback copies of your book which can be used for reviews, promotional purposes or sales
  • Unique ISBNs registered to your imprint for the hardcover, paperback, and eBook editions
  • Royalties of 100%
  • 10% discount on IBPA membership

Cost of Author Publishing: $4,995 (Individually these services would cost over $6,000)

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