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Happy New Year! Keep reading to hear all about the exciting books we have for you soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for a traditional mystery and an apocalyptic action novel perfect for curling up with to enjoy with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, and a business educational nonfiction designed to help you reach your full potential.


Broken Glass

Traditional Mystery

Obsession can be deadly.

When a fellow student in her glass-blowing class drops dead, Dr. Kate Chambers wants to help the police catch the killer. The victim, Eugene Rose, seemed like a nice kid with a bright future in art collecting. Eugene attended the university where Kate works. Her connections make her a valuable asset in the investigation, and because of her people skills, she is invited into situations that Jablonsky would need a warrant for. Even though he worries for her safety, her psychological insights have proven valuable to his murder cases.

The deeper they dig, the more complicated this case becomes. How is a family heirloom tied to the local parish? What really happened on a study abroad trip to Italy? And how did all of that lead to the untimely death of Eugene Rose?

Kate and Jablonsky are determined to stop the murderer before other deaths can follow.

This traditional mystery will keep you guessing all the way to the end. Broken Glass is the second book in the Pittsburgh Murder Mystery series; however, each book can be read as a stand-alone or in order of publication.

Releasing February 7, 2023 

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Crystal and the Underlings

Apocalyptic Fiction, Action and Adventure

The only thing she could trust was the cold steel blade in her hand.

Crystal was, without a doubt, the best warrior and strategist human history has ever seen. She was part of the seventh generation of Elite humans, genetically modified to be smarter, stronger, faster, and better than normal humans.

When her twin brother went missing in the Mojave Desert outside of their home in Imperial City, she was determined to do whatever it takes to bring him home safely—even if it meant she had to seduce the infamous leader of the Underlings and infiltrate their military compound alone. For this to work, she couldn’t have backup, and he couldn’t know how much she wanted him dead.

All her life, she believed Elites were better than Underlings at everything. But what if that wasn’t true? As Crystal wrestles with newfound emotions, she must decide whose story she’ll trust: the scientist who created her, or the Underling general who stole her heart.

This high-action romance takes place in a future version of the earth as we know it, blending dystopian world powers and lively character dynamics to create a hopeful view of the future perfect for fans of Frank Herbert and Andy Weir.

Releasing February 21, 2023 

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The Leadership Recipe

Nonfiction, Business, Personal Development

You follow instructions when assembling furniture, you follow tutorials when learning a new software, and you follow a recipe when you bake a pastry for the first time. What if there was a recipe you could follow that would help develop you into the leader you’ve always wanted to be?

No matter your ambition—whether you want to lead your department well or an entire organization as CEO—the components of leadership presented in this book are designed to help you grow into the best leader you can be.

Follow along with Mark, a young professional seeking to someday become CEO of the company where he works, as he learns the Leadership Recipe from his mentor, William, and applies it with his team. This allegory offers a refreshing way to help leaders at all levels understand the ingredients of successful leadership for themselves and others.

Releasing in Hardcover February 28, 2023 

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