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Happy Spring! Keep reading to hear all about the exciting books we have for you soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for YA Fantasy, a lovely YA Rom-Com, a business book, and a moving memoir perfect for binge-reading this spring.


To Be the Best By Any Measure

Nonfiction – Business Leadership

A Proven Approach to Transform your Business into a High Performance Organization

Pat Magee developed a formula to bring new life to struggling businesses. He demonstrates that a vibrant business requires:

  • A Healthy Organizational Culture
  • Ongoing Leadership Development
  • Comprehensive Strategic Planning

These lead to what Magee refers to as a “High Performance Organization.” How do you get there? What does it really take to assess and adjust your current business practices so that you can rise to the top?

Through these pages, Pat answers those questions as he guides, helps, and encourages readers to reach their full potential and do extraordinary things.

This unique approach is proven to breathe fresh life into businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Releasing March 7, 2023 

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Darts and Flowers (Special Hardcover Edition)

YA Rom-Com, LGBTQ+

“Funny and LGBTQ+ affirming, Darts and Flowers is a story about teenagers who are desperate to be loved, validated, and part of a community.” —Foreword Reviews

When Josh Bradshaw returns to his childhood home and the house down the street from his childhood best friend, it seems like it could be a new beginning. After all, he’s older now, and although his feelings haven’t changed, he now has words to describe what he felt. He’s gay, and he’s had a crush on Brian Esau since they were eleven.

Zack Standish couldn’t be happier that his best friend is back home, and although he’s not sure how to respond to the fact that Josh is gay, there is one very clear silver lining: Missy, the girl of his dreams, is dating his best friend’s crush.

The plan is simple:
1. Break up Brian and Missy.
2. Confess their love to their respective crushes.
3. Live happily ever after.
It’s a win-win for everyone… or maybe not.

When the plan spirals out of control, Zack and Josh must choose what matters most—their childhood friendship or the romance just within reach.

Debut young adult author Dean Backus spins a fun and crafty tale of friendship, identity, secrets, and love in this LGBTQ romantic comedy set in the 1990s at a private Seattle high school. Darts and Flowers is inspired by Shakespeare’s comedies and iconic teen films of the 90s.

Now available in hardcover.

Releasing March 21, 2023

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When Kingdom Comes (Special Hardcover Edition)

YA Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

“One of the finest books I have read this year.” –Christopher Flory, author of the Paul Dodge Novels

Four kingdoms are locked in a horrible war—a war that, if lost, will surrender innocent lives to the power and control of King Kayne, the barbaric and bloodthirsty king of the South. The kings and queen of the North, East, and West have no choice but to join forces against the South if they’re going to hold onto everything they hold dear.

But the northern Queen’s brother has a different ambition in mind, and sees the South as a route to power. While Kayne spends his time traveling across the Great Sea, seeking out herbs and potions to enhance his abilities, Kristofer rises amongst the ranks to become his right hand and leads the people in the king’s absence.

Bewildered and devastated by Kristofer’s betrayal, Queen Elora of the North and lifelong ally King Rian of the West join their armies to fight against him. As they seek to save their kingdoms, Elora and Rian face an excruciating struggle between the love they once had for Kristofer and their duty to deal the fatal blow.

Releasing April 11, 2023

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Banewind (Special Hardcover Edition)

YA Fantasy

Possibilities. Lies. Secrets. One girl who can break the world, or save it. Who can she trust when nothing is as it seems?

Highschooler Genevieve DeWinter finds herself entangled in the throes of adventure, romance, and survival after discovering the existence of a group of magical beings known as Formulists and their co-existing world, Banewind.

With the arrival of several mages in her hometown of Parma, Ohio, Genevieve soon learns that these extraordinary secrets are rooted deep within her family’s history and that she comes from a long lineage of female protectors called the Holy Guardians. Now, a vengeful group of Formulists known as the Voidweavers have returned and set their sights on Genevieve, believing she might be the key to awakening their fallen leader, the Void King.

Now available in a special hardcover edition.

Releasing April 18, 2023

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Still Positive


One Woman’s Journey of Advocacy, Faith, and Positivity

“You only have three to five years to live.”

On the day she was diagnosed with HIV and thrust from the confines of her suburban mom bubble into the scary and unpredictable world of AIDS, Julie promptly found herself fighting for her life and rights amidst a disease she never imagined would hijack her future.

With three young children, her family began making every effort to create lasting memories while simultaneously managing the debilitating side effects of early meds. They hid her illness for four years, fearing her children would suffer stigma and discrimination often experienced in the early days of the disease.

Her diagnosis began a path of advocacy, faith, and positivity despite her life’s detour. Now, Julie advocates for better healthcare outcomes for women through the personal stories and reflections from her life. Her health journey creates space for those walking through their own family or medical crises to be seen and supported.

“Some books tell you what to do or offer an outline for life… this book does not do that. The stories that make up Still Positive offered something different and impactful. … I couldn’t put it down.” – Danielle Eylander, Early Reader

Releasing May 23, 2023

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