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Happy Fall! Keep reading to hear all about the exciting books we have for you soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for fresh mysteries and a YA Fantasy to sweep you away as the trees change color.


 Mystery, Suspense

A Respectable Family Turns to a Life of Crime

Forced into bitter and boring retirement solely because of advancing age, world-renowned architect Victor Harding retreats to his bucolic lakefront estate, a majestic house once owned by notorious Chicago gangster Bugsy Moran.

He soon learns that his idyllic dream home is a house with astonishing secrets.

After a series of family catastrophes and devastating financial setbacks, and now struggling to support his fractured family and hold on to his beloved house, Victor finds himself sucked into a life of crime. Trapped in a dangerous alliance with the treacherous leader of a local crime gang, he desperately seeks a way out.

Then Bugsy Moran’s legacy reveals startling surprises which thrust Victor Harding’s life into increasingly bizarre and ever more dangerous directions.

A gold standard in more ways than one…

In this smart and stylish psychological thriller, the first in the Victor Harding Adventure Series by award-winning novelist Douglas Richardson, readers are pulled into the Harding family’s life of high crimes and misdemeanors, well as the colorful characters’ efforts to stay one step ahead of their pursuers…and stay alive.

Releasing August 22, 2023 

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The Pursuer

Historical Mystery

The War may be over, but secrets linger.

While World War II has been over for two years, its horrors linger within society, and chance encounters expose the still-festering wounds. Like most Americans, Beatrix Patterson and her husband Thomas Ling are trying to accept the past in order to focus on the future and a family.

Despite her desire for a quiet life, Beatrix must become a pursuer of truth once again when asked to expose suspected war criminals who may have killed thousands, a diabolical scheme to rob Indigenous Americans of their relics, and a person practicing voodoo as a means to murder a respected member of the Santa Barbara religious community.

Who can she trust to speak the truth when everyone involved seems to be hiding something that could ruin their lives?

Each book in the Beatrix Patterson Mysteries is written as a stand-alone. Readers do not need to read every book in the series to follow along.

Order of Books in the Beatrix Patterson Mysteries:

1. The Seer
2. The Finder
3. The Pursuer

Releasing September 19, 2023 

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 Mystery, Suspense


Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, or so they say.

P.I. Nicole Graves arrives early at work, just as Los Angeles is hit with “the Big One,” a long-predicted, devastating earthquake. When the building stops shaking, Nicole finds Jerry, her boss, in his office dying of a gunshot wound. It appears to be suicide.

Nicole is shocked to learn that the police have decided Jerry’s death was murder and even more shocked that she’s their only suspect when there’s no shortage of people with motives. And there’s the question of why the detectives are pursuing this one case when all city workers, including the police, are in an all-out search and rescue operation for survivors. All she can do is evade capture long enough to prove her innocence and catch the real culprit.

Nancy Boyarsky’s writing has been praised as “well-crafted, tautly-written” by James Lilliefors, author of the Amy Hunter novels The Psalmist and The Tempest, and “thoroughly entertaining and unforgettable” by Dave Edlund, USA TODAY bestselling author of the Peter Savage Novels.

“Like John le Carre, Boyarsky portrays a world of espionage that’s more grit than glamour and where it can be a struggle to distinguish the good guys from the bad. A real page-turner with a satisfying resolution.” –Mally Becker, author of The Turncoat’s Widow (Praise for The Moscow Affair, Nicole Graves Book 6)

Each book in the Nicole Graves Mysteries is written as a stand-alone. Readers do not need to read every book in the series to follow along.

Releasing September 26, 2023 

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 YA Fantasy

What would you Sacrifice to be Heard?

In Kaybrum, magic isn’t outlawed, but it’s far from accepted. At seventeen years old, Korvo has spent his life learning all society will teach him and campaigning for the freedom of his fellow Magics. When a young fire magic arrives in the city, tensions rise among his adopted family. Change can’t come fast enough for Aer, and soon she and Korvo find themselves on different routes to the same end.

Looking for guidance the only way he knows how, Korvo continually consults his fortune-telling cards. But they hint of disaster and change, victory and pain, and offer little clarity on which side will come away victorious. With the future of Magics hanging in the balance, Korvo must make a choice: abandon his friends to their anger or risk failure to keep his friends safe.

Releasing October 3, 2023 

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