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A Long Cast: Reflections on 50 Years of Visiting the Martha’s Vineyard Surf

Memoir, Collected Essays, Fishing

Our passions have a way of doing that for us: extending our lives

In 1971, a father and son ventured out of their apartment in New Jersey to the Island of Martha’s Vineyard to try their hand at surfcasting. That trip began a life of Spring trips to the waters’s edge in search of bluefish and striped bass. Fifty years later, Mike Carotta takes readers along for thirty straight nights and days of fishing.

This is not a How To book. It does not contain the secrets to a fantastic fishing career. Rather, hard fishing has a way of revealing lessons from the shore and the people who gather there—binding together strangers in conversations and gestures, failures and successes, new learnings, and, eventually, creating old friends.

Through it all, more than fish are caught—and shared. The result is a thoughtful collection of essays on life with some notes from the trade filtered in. Join Mike on his pilgrimage back to where the distance between heaven and earth gets a little thinner and the real “keepers” of the trip go far beyond the fish on the end of the line.

“I am not a good surf fisherman. There are no helpful fishing hints here. This is a collection of recollection: stories of saltwater characters, occurrences, and conversations. Like stars in the night sky, they are best enjoyed when you get some distance from the lights of other stuff.” – Excerpt from A Long Cast

Releasing May 16, 2023 

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Week by Week Through the Seasons of Life

Devotional, Christian Living

Relevant, challenging, and accessible.” –Brother Dennis Gibbs, Community of Divine Love

Our lives are busy, much more so than they ought to be. A demanding lifestyle calls for a healthy dose of spiritual refreshment, the kind that can go the distance. That’s where the brief meditations in Week by Week come in. Each reflection presents a topic to chew on, expressed in relatively few words; something to mull over.

Life is rhythmed with spiritual seasons, each providing its own challenges and joys; each calling for its own medicine. Souls, not just bodies, need to be able to adapt, refresh, reboot, and readjust to changing climates. As we move through the seasons of life, may God’s healing power enter to bring us what we need.

This collection of meditations and reflective questions is designed to adjust with your needs for the season you are in. With one meditation per week, this book can be read and enjoyed topically or in the printed order.

“The product of a rare author, someone who is both as deeply grounded in Christian tradition as one can imagine but at the same time has the profound ability to touch others with insights of practical depth.” –The Rt. Rev. Stacy Sauls, Bishop of the Episcopal Church

Releasing June 13, 2023

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The Savior (A Paul Dodge Novel)

Crime Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

“Sure to engross fans of Connelly, Patterson, and Coben.” – Dave Edlund, USA Today best-selling author of the Peter Savage novels.

Paul Dodge is ready to return to his normal job as a Parole Agent in Virginia after a much-needed—and not very restful—personal hiatus. When a local street woman is found dead, he’s assigned to work the case despite his personal objections.

Now working a case outside of his normal expertise with a new team and a boss he isn’t sure he can trust, Dodge tries to make the best of the bad situation. The sooner the case is closed the sooner he can get back to his parole work rather than poking his nose into the life of a serial killer.

With the killer growing in confidence and an old flame back in town, Dodge’s personal and professional lives get tested and tangled. When accusations fly and tensions rise, time is running out for Dodge to find justice for the victims and stop a psychopath before the body count rises again.

Don’t Miss the other books in the Paul Dodge series:

Trust Misplaced
Last Rays of Daylight

While they are a series, the Paul Dodge novels can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Releasing June 27, 2023

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A Deathly Irish Secret (A Blanche Murninghan Mystery)

Cozy Mystery

Deathly secrets bog Blanche down in the idyllic Irish hillside…

The last thing Blanche Murninghan expects when she answers the phone is to hear her grandmother’s estate lawyer on the other side of the line. Her Gran had many secrets, so it’s not a surprise that he’s still uncovering them. But, it is a surprise to hear from him so early in the morning.

More impressively, the news he brings is no small thing: Blanche is the last remaining heir to an Irish castle. He’d finally tracked down any remaining relatives and found them there, at Dunfaedan. Excited to see her inheritance for herself, Blanche grabs her sister-cousin Haasi Hakla and they pack their bags for a much-needed vacation to the Irish hillside.

When a body turns up only a day after her arrival, Blanche quickly moves to the top of the Garda’s list of suspects. She must clear her name and discover the truth before the cozy town’s many secrets swallow her whole.

Joined by old friends and new, Blanche Murninghan is on the case. A Deathly Irish Secret is the fourth installment in the Blanche Murninghan Mysteries. Known for a lively cast of characters and atmospheric settings, each mystery can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story or read in publication order.

Releasing July 11, 2023

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Seen and Heard

Educational Nonfiction

Move into Abundance and Freedom

You are not alone if you’ve struggled with not feeling like you will ever be “enough.” This can happen when you realize you aren’t living the life you want, something dramatically uproots the plan you had for your life, or even when comparison slips in and it seems everyone else’s lives are perfect and alluring and yours feels empty.

There are many unseen forces that shape our lives—expectations from society, culture, and religion that impact how we feel about ourselves and our lives. This can lead us to feel like frauds or imposters in the life we’re living day to day. Weeding through this slog can feel like walking with weights on our ankles as we go through the motions without really engaging in our lives.

Seen and Heard seeks to reveal the unseen forces holding you back and keeping you from the life you’re desperate to live all the while providing a path forward of how it can be different and empowering you with the tools to live the life you dream of.

Releasing July 18, 2023 

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