Douglas Richardson

After retiring from earlier careers as a trial lawyer and federal prosecutor, mental health lawyer, executive coach and award-winning Dow Jones columnist, Douglas Richardson now has become an award-winning novelist. The American Fiction Awards named his debut novel, Down Wind and Out of Sight, a Finalist in three separate categories- General Thriller, Cross-Genre Fiction, and Multicultural Mystery. It won a 2023 Literary Titan Book Award and is featured in the Murder & Mayhem Section of digital marketer Open Road Integrated Media.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Penn’s Annenberg School of Communications and the University of Michigan, Doug is a Certified Master Coach and author of several successful nonfiction business books. He lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife, also a recovering lawyer, and their Variety Pack of three delightfully assorted dogs.

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Old Dogs, New Tricks

Old Dogs, New Tricks

$22.99eBook: $6.99

Forced into bitter and boring retirement solely because of advancing age, world-renowned architect Victor Harding retreats to his bucolic lakefront estate, a majestic house once owned by notorious Chicago gangster Bugsy Moran.

He soon learns that his idyllic dream home is a house with astonishing secrets.

After a series of family catastrophes and devastating financial setbacks, and now struggling to support his fractured family and hold on to his beloved house, Victor finds himself sucked into a life of crime. Trapped in a dangerous alliance with the treacherous leader of a local crime gang, he desperately seeks a way out.

Then Bugsy Moran’s legacy reveals startling surprises which thrust Victor Harding’s life into increasingly bizarre and ever more dangerous directions.

A gold standard in more ways than one...

In this smart and stylish psychological thriller, the first in the Victor Harding Adventure Series by award-winning novelist Douglas Richardson, readers are pulled into the Harding family's life of high crimes and misdemeanors, well as the colorful characters' efforts to stay one step ahead of their pursuers...and stay alive.

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