D.S. Churchill

D.S. Churchill lives in a small upstate New York town with her two children. She has a degree in Science but her true passion has always been writing. An avid book lover, D.S. enjoys the calm and quiet of the country where she can read and write peacefully. When she was younger, she lived in India for three years and very much enjoys traveling. Her other hobbies include camping and kayaking. She is currently working on her second book; a sequel to When Kingdom Comes.


When Kingdom Comes

When Kingdom Comes

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Four kingdoms are locked in a horrible war—a war that, if lost, will surrender innocent lives to the power and control of King Kayne, the barbaric and bloodthirsty king of the South. The kings and queen of the North, East, and West have no choice but to join forces against the South if they’re going to hold onto everything they hold dear.

But the northern Queen’s brother has a different ambition in mind, and sees the South as a route to power. While Kayne spends his time traveling across the Great Sea, seeking out herbs and potions to enhance his abilities, Kristofer rises amongst the ranks to become his right hand and leads the people in the king’s absence.

Bewildered and devastated by Kristofer’s betrayal, Queen Elora of the North and lifelong ally King Rian of the West join their armies to fight against him. As they seek to save their kingdoms, Elora and Rian face an excruciating struggle between the love they once had for Kristofer and their duty to deal the fatal blow.

Fans of Christopher Paolini, Laura Sebastian, and Chloe Gong are sure to devour this action-packed debut from D.S. Churchill.

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