Eva Shaw

Eva Shaw, Ph.D. (www.evashaw.com) is one of the country’s premier ghostwriters and is the author of more than award-winning 100 books. Novels with her byline include The Seer and faith-based Amazon best sellers: Doubts of the Heart and Games of the Heart. Nonfiction best sellers include: Ghostwriting: The Complete Guide, Writeriffic 2: Creativity Training for Writers, Garden Therapy: Nature’s Health Plan, and What to Do When a Loved One Dies. Visit Amazon, Goodreads and other sellers for reviews.

Eva teaches five university-level writing courses available online at 4000 colleges and universities worldwide. A breast cancer survivor, she’s an active volunteer with causes affecting women and children and with her church. She loves to travel, read, shop, garden, play the banjolele and paint, focusing on folk art and California landscapes. When not at her desk, you can find her walking around the village of Carlsbad, California with Coco Rose, a rambunctious 2-year-old Welsh terrier.


The Beatrix Patterson Mysteries Boxed Set: Books 1-3

The Beatrix Patterson Mysteries Boxed Set: Books 1-3

eBook: $12.99
Genre: Fiction

For fans of World War II fiction and historical mysteries, the Beatrix Patterson Mysteries are sure to keep readers turning pages. Beatrix has a particularly gifted memory that often gets her into trouble while giving her the means to help others. Follow her through World War II and the following years.

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The Finder

The Finder

$18.99eBook: $6.99

Missing women, a disbanded cult, and a dodgy inheritance put Beatrix Patterson to the test.

Beatrix Patterson wanted to spend a morning organizing her thoughts over a nice cup of coffee and the local newspaper. But her carefully curated day is quickly interrupted when a friend of a friend asks for her help. Their friend is dead, and he wants to make sure there's no foul play. Cases keep piling in, as another family friend seeks his wife. Then a body is found at the base of local cliffs with no one to claim her.

Beatrix is good at finding things—people, the truth, missing evidence. As more Jane Does appear at the base of the cliff, each with similar ceremonial markings, Beatrix grows more passionate.

The deeper she digs, the less the pieces fit together. From a strange, disbanded cult to the drag queen desperate to claim an inheritance, Beatrix is soon stretched thin.

Surrounded by new neighbors with shadowed pasts, she has to wonder: will anyone believe her?

This historical mystery novel is packed with intrigue and beauty, set four years after World War II ends. Follow familiar characters Beatrix Patterson and Thomas Ling as they settle into a new life in Santa Barbara, California. The Finder is the second book in the Beatrix Patterson novels, however, each book can be read as a stand-alone or in order of publication.

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The Pursuer

The Pursuer

$16.99eBook: $6.99

The War may be over, but secrets linger.

While World War II has been over for two years, its horrors linger within society, and chance encounters expose the still-festering wounds. Like most Americans, Beatrix Patterson and her husband Thomas Ling are trying to accept the past in order to focus on the future and a family.

Despite her desire for a quiet life, Beatrix must become a pursuer of truth once again when asked to expose suspected war criminals who may have killed thousands, a diabolical scheme to rob Indigenous Americans of their relics, and a person practicing voodoo as a means to murder a respected member of the Santa Barbara religious community.

Who can she trust to speak the truth when everyone involved seems to be hiding something that could ruin their lives?

Each book in the Beatrix Patterson Mysteries is written as a stand-alone. Readers do not need to read every book in the series to follow along.

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The Seer

The Seer

$15.99eBook: $6.99

It’s February 1942. War grips the world. Asian hate runs rampant, and New Orleans is a dangerous place for Chinese-English scientist Thomas Ling as he collides with self-proclaimed psychic Beatrix Patterson. She's a good liar with an excellent memory, which in truth is her only gift—well, that and conning the well-heeled out of their money and secrets.

Hired by the US Army to use her connections to expose Nazi saboteurs and sympathizers, Beatrix recruits the reluctant Thomas. Together, they pit their skills against a government conspiracy, terrorist cells, kidnappings, and murderous plots. As Beatrix grapples with the truth of her own past, she must come to terms with her ruse. Exposing the Nazi war machine about to invade the country could cost Beatrix everything she's worked so hard to build. But the information she and Thomas uncover could change the outcome of the war.

The question remains: will anyone believe a liar and a suspected traitor?

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