C.M. Rip Cunningham

Rip Cunningham grew up around the water and has had a direct connection to a lot of its finned residents. He was the Editor-In-Chief/Publisher/Owner of Salt Water Sportsman, at that time the largest saltwater sport fishing magazine in the world. For the last 50 years, he has written hundreds of articles for a number of titles on fishing techniques, fisheries management and conservation. He still remains the Conservation Editor of Salt Water Sportsman. He received a BA from Rollins College and an MBA from Babson College. Having fished on almost every continent and ocean, he is now focused on trying to make sure common property fish resources are here for generations to come. He and his wife, North, live part-time along the coast of Maine and part-time in the woods of Massachusetts, where their seven grandchildren command attention. He uses all of his lifelong experience to leave the world a little bit better place and to have sustainable resources for all to enjoy, especially his grandchildren. He has also been appointed to state and federal fishery management commissions and councils. In 2015, he was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame. He can be contacted on Twitter @ripcham11

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Where the Acorn Falls: a mental wandering of growing up a product of the 1950s

Where the Acorn Falls: a mental wandering of growing up a product of the 1950s

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Growing up in the suburbs in the 1950s was a completely different experience than growing up after the year 2000. Just about everything was self-created and directed. From a very early age, we left our house right after breakfast and would return in time for supper. No parent or adult told us what to do to occupy our time. Mostly, they told us what not to do and we paid little attention to that advice.

Each new adventure took us to its logical or illogical conclusion. Sometimes a lesson was learned, more often than not the hard way. This is a journey through those experiences, many of which are not repeatable today.

Growing up is mental, and growing older is physical. Both form integral parts of the experiential library. Whether in the late 1800s, the mid-1950s or now, it is the best time to be alive in an ever-changing world.

Join C.M. Rip Cunningham in his recollections of what it means to grow up in an ever-shifting environment, supplemented by excerpts from As the Twig is Bent by Dr. John H. Cunningham.

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