Ron and Crystal Meinstein

Ron and Crystal Meinstein are retired empty nesters living in a small village near Coshocton, Ohio with their 3-year-old, very smart, affectionate cat, Ella.

Ron’s career includes three degrees: Chemistry B.S., M. B.A. and RN and many occupations. He has worked as a chemist, lab manager, supervisor, health and safety director and in his 50’s and 60’s as an RN. They have lived in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Crystal graduated from Bradley University, Magna Cum Laude as an English major. She has been an editor, secretary, researcher, crafts teacher, public speaker, but mainly a stay at home mom, raising their three daughters: Elizabeth, Michelle, and Lisa. As a writer of poetry, essays, short stories and articles, she has been published in literary magazines, a national quilting magazine, and the 2017 and 2020 Coshocton Literary Review magazine editions. Her textile artwork has been shown in many quilt shows and art venues.


150 Years of Marriage

150 Years of Marriage

$18.99eBook: $7.99

War Ends, Love Endures

The lives and stories of two WWII veterans and their baby boomer children show that love and marriage are able not only to endure but can thrive in shared happiness.

Ron and Crystal’s anecdotes of humorous and moving childhood incidents, coming of age stories, falling in love moments, wartime separation, and cultural differences are as entertaining as they are practical. Among the more somber yet crucial memories are witness accounts and records of victims of the Holocaust. “We will never forget.” The varied stories and examples in 150 Years of Marriage are not only interesting but provide insights and models for all.

To the characters in this book “till death do us part” is not a quaint saying associated with traditional marriage. It is a commitment that creates strong bonds holding a family together through thick and thin. It enables them to share happiness where whole family joy is greater than the sum of its parts. Laugh, cry, think, learn, and be inspired for your own life and the lives of those you love.

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