Cathleen Watkins

Cathleen Watkins is the author of the debut mystery, Deadly Quiet, an the first book in the Eliza Fox Files mystery series.

Like the protagonist she created, Cathleen is a licensed private investigator in California. In this career, she has talked with countless people about their experiences and perspectives. Cathleen has been involved with both criminal and civil cases, focusing on matters stemming from the #metoo movement, on civil rights claims, and on student cases involving sexual assault. She has mentored new investigators and developed training programs on conducting interviews and finding evidence.

Cathleen has always enjoyed writing and editing, and her experiences as an investigator have helped to shape her voice as a writer. Blending her career with her creative side, she has worked to create characters and settings that feel genuine.

After studying journalism in college, Cathleen worked as an editor before becoming a P.I. Her other interests include photography and cooking. Ask her about the ribbons she won at the Los Angeles County Fair for her homemade jams.

Cathleen grew up in Los Angeles and continues to live in Southern California with her husband, Dennis, and their Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Henry. Their older son and daughter-in-law, and their younger son all live nearby.

Good Reads

Deadly Quiet (The Eliza Fox Files, #1)

Deadly Quiet (The Eliza Fox Files, #1)

Eliza Fox must be smarter than the police and a step ahead of the killer.

When an exchange student is found dead in the music practice rooms of Wexford College, there are few suspects and no clear answers. Martina Noto's parents will fly into California from Rome as soon as they can, but until then the nearest relatives are Martina's cousins: Private Investigator Eliza Fox and her mother, Francesca Noto-Fox.

As detectives Byron Comstock and Jessica Fonseca get familiar with the case, Eliza is determined to help catch Martina's killer. She quickly begins her own investigation and is soon caught up in the twists and turns of finding the murderer, a far cry from her usual work as a paralegal. Often out of her depth, Eliza must overcome her own inexperience and learn to trust her instincts as she fumbles through her first high-stakes case.

Filled with both humor and suspense, this is one traditional mystery novel you don't want to miss.

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