Christine Amoroso

Christine Amoroso resides in Southern California where she grew up and raised a family. As a school principal, she craved a creative outlet, and started a blog.

A contributor to Holl and Lane Magazine, she has written articles about body image, mental health, aging, and grief.

In 2017, Christine sold her possessions, and moved to Italy to write. A year later she returned home with the first draft of her manuscript.

In 2019 she was invited to share her inspirational story with aspiring student writers at the University of California in Irvine.

When she’s not writing, she power-walks along the coast, plays soccer, and indulges her grandchildren. She travels abroad every chance she gets.

Christine’s memoir “Bare Naked in Public” reveals a private life in stark contrast to her professional success. Ready for change, she embarks on a soul-searching journey, and gets an unexpected second chance at love. Finally, her happy ending is here. Until it’s not.


Bare Naked in Public: An earnest and humorous account of one modern American woman trying to have it all

Bare Naked in Public: An earnest and humorous account of one modern American woman trying to have it all

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Christine Amoroso did everything right to achieve the perfect life. Falling for a sandy-haired surfer and landing pregnant at seventeen, she knew the “right” thing to do. She could have it all, even if in the “wrong” order: beautiful children, a good marriage, and approval from those around her. Until it all fell apart.

Ever the overachiever, she continued to take on too much, finishing college with two kids in tow. But as her responsibility grew, so did her resentment. A stressed-out young mom, an inattentive husband, and the attention of another man made the perfect recipe for disaster. Hard work and responsible decisions had not guaranteed a happy life or lasting love. She had failed, and now she floundered as she tried to find a fresh start. She turned inward for answers rather than seeking external validation.

After a few missteps, she slowly learned her worth couldn’t come from a list of accolades, achievements, or some guy. Her story is an earnest and humorous account of what it’s like to be a modern American woman trying to have it all and the dangers of losing oneself in the process.

Bare Naked in Public is a must-read memoir for burnt-out overachievers seeking answers about their worth while finally forgiving their past.

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